Daily Archive: May 10, 2023

EV Tourism Offers Several Benefits

Maybe it is my demographic, but I am finding that touring the country in an electric vehicle is vastly different to the mad dash to the destination in a petrol car. Being an EV tourist is different. Take Brian and his wife Kate, for example. They deliberately chose to drive to a location just because […]

An A to Z Of Fossil Fuel Industry Deception

This year has brought new evidence of what major fossil fuel companies knew and when about the role their products play in climate change, as well as what they did in spite of what they knew. The evidence builds on revelations from the US House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s investigation during the last Congress […]

$26 Million to Support a Modern, Reliable, & Resilient American Clean Energy Grid

Biden-Harris Administration Invests $26 Million to Support a Modern, Reliable, and Resilient American Clean Energy Grid Selected Projects Across 13 States and Puerto Rico Will Demonstrate How Solar, Wind, and Storage Can Protect and Strengthen America’s Power Grid As part of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced […]