Daily Archive: May 27, 2023

Some Serious News & Some Silly News From Hyundai

During May, Hyundai has had a number of press releases. But, unlike most months, Hyundai had a couple of fun ones about a customer’s weird custom license plate and Spiderman. But, I know some readers are super cereal, so I decided to start with one serious one that’s a big move for the company. So, […]

Volvo Proves Anti-EV Trolls Wrong

In a recent press release, Volvo announced that they’ve found a way to truly stick it to the trolls that attack EVs online, in social media, and in regular media. Before we get to how they did this, let’s take a look at the bogus arguments that they’re proving wrong. A Common Argument Against EVs […]

BLUETTI Launches Veterans & Military Purchase Program: Exclusive Discounts on Power Solutions

Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor the sacrifices of service members. In recognition of their dedication on this Memorial Day, BLUETTI proudly introduces the Veterans and Military Purchase Program to support and express gratitude to active duty and retired military personnel. Veterans and Military Purchase Program: Honoring Our Heroes   From May 25th […]