Daily Archive: May 28, 2023

Fake Social Media Accounts Are Attacking Electrify America

Toward the end of last week, there was a real shocker of an announcement in the industry when Ford announced that it will be adopting the Tesla/”NACS” charge plug for vehicles starting in 2025. When there’s a big story like that, one important aspect of ongoing coverage is to see how other players in the […]

Volta Trucks Enters Partnership To Help Build Testing Fleet

Volta Trucks is trying to take a different approach to cargo vehicles in cities. Starting in 2017, with grand plans to revolutionize safety and environmental technology for trucks, the company has had a long journey to delivery. The Swedish EV startup’s vehicle, the Volta Zero, is an all-electric commercial cargo vehicle designed for city-center freight […]

How Will The EV Transition Affect Real Estate Planning?

As many automakers look to follow Tesla into the electric vehicle market, the shift could change how real estate developers and building owners plan new projects. A move toward overnight charging at apartments and condos could offer cost savings on electricity, and one professor thinks that owners of these developments will feel pressured to add […]