Daily Archive: May 16, 2023

How About These Tiltable, Portable Solar PV Panels?

This is a new one. A German solar company that mostly focuses on floating solar power plant solutions has come up with something novel. It has introduced tiltable, portable solar panels. These SKipp solar panels from Sinn Power are ideal for something like camping or mobile work sites where you move location frequently. Sinn Power […]

Clean Condo Life: Heat Pumps Are Great, But Adding Them To Condos Requires Care In Installation

As a resident of a condo without central air conditioning, I’ve been feeling the harsh effects of climate change, particularly during the sweltering summers. With climate change, population growth, and urbanization being the key megatrends, it’s clear that air conditioning is transitioning from a luxury to a necessity. For instance, in my Vancouver condo, the […]