Daily Archive: May 3, 2023

Biffa & LUNAZ Partner To Up-Cycle Refuse Collection Trucks In The UK

After a long wait, we are starting to see more traction in the brand new heavy electric truck sector. Volvo, Scania, DAF, and several other manufacturers of heavy electric trucks are scaling up production. They are working across the board including electric trucks for applications in critical areas such as in the construction and mining […]

Bosch & Nikola Are Ready With Hydrogen

When Nikola showed up to the 2022 ACT Expo in Long Beach last year, the message was simple: we’re still here. After all the trials and tribulations the fledgling truck brand had faced on its road to reality, the fact that it had survived Trevor Milton’s scattered, controversial “leadership” was probably the most underrated clean […]

Tesla Pro Tip: Get Money Back from Your Tire Warranty

Tesla buyers who have Michelin tires on their vehicles may stand to benefit from some of the tire company’s warranty policies when upgrading to their next set. EVANNEX partners at EVSpeedy.com recently pointed out this one way Tesla drivers can get money back on their Michelin tires, as long as they’re willing to contact the […]

Volvo Is Leading the Shift At Advanced Clean Transportation 2023

Even if you’ve been to an ACT Expo at some point in the last dozen or so years, the 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation show in Anaheim, California, this week was almost unrecognizable. Gone are the niche sensibility and future-looking concepts, replaced with packed activations loaded with high-tech electric and hydrogen-fueled fleet solutions that are, if […]