Daily Archive: May 9, 2023

Tesla Brings Back the Model 3 Long Range

Tesla’s Model 3 is its most popular sedan, and now the automaker has added a highly coveted variant of the electric vehicle back to its online order configurator. The variant, the Model 3 Long Range, is now available again, after being discontinued last August due to high demand. Last week, Tesla reintroduced the Model 3 […]

Abandoning Cheap Cars Could Be A Serious Blunder For Automakers

A little over a week ago, several of us wrote about the end of the line for the Chevrolet Bolt and Bolt EUV. These vehicles aren’t the greatest EVs, but they occupy a pivotal space in the EV market. With liquid cooling, enough range to get to the next Electrify America station on most interstates, […]

Mini EVs Could Be An Important Step In The Transition To Electric Mobility

When more affordable smartphones became a reality some years ago, they led to a complete revolution in the access to telecommunications and financial services sectors. Some of the major players in this revolution were very basic and affordable phones from some Chinese companies. Access to these phones enabled a large population on the African continent, […]