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Nio adds 30 new stores, 224 charging and swap stations in Jun

As of June 30, had 125 Nio Houses and 271 Nio Spaces worldwide.

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Nio (NYSE: NIO) ramped up its offline store and charging facilities in June.

The company added 30 stores in June, including seven Nio Houses, 10 Nio Spaces, 11 service centers and two delivery centers, according to information it announced today.

The seven Nio Houses include five in China and two overseas.

As of June 30, Nio had 125 Nio Houses worldwide, including 119 in China and 6 overseas.

Nio's showrooms include the flagship Nio Houses as well as the smaller Nio Spaces. The former is a space where Nio gives owners a quality lifestyle, in addition to displaying vehicles and selling them.

The company's 10 new Nio Spaces added in June include eight in China and two overseas. The total number of the facility now stands at 271 globally, including 263 in China and eight overseas.

In June, Nio added 11 new service centers, including four in China and seven overseas. This brings the total number of the facility to 307, including 258 in China and 49 overseas.

The two new Nio delivery centers added in June are all located in China.

Nio also added 97 battery swap stations in June, including 95 in China and 2 overseas.

As of June 30, Nio had 1,561 battery swap stations worldwide, with 1,543 in China and 18 overseas.

Nio also added 127 charging stations in June, including 79 supercharging stations and 48 destination charging stations.

As of June 30, Nio had 2,775 charging stations, with 2,767 in China and 8 overseas.

Nio's charging map had access to 125,750 new third-party charging piles in June, including more than 100,000 added overseas.

Nio's charging map now has access to more than 1,240,000 third-party charging piles, including more than 500,000 overseas.

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