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NIO supplier Innovusion partners with Fuyao to put LiDAR behind windshield

Innovusion and Fuyao have begun joint research that has resulted in LiDAR integration behind the front windshield with less than 10 percent attenuation of detection performance.

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The roof LiDAR setup has been complained by some to affect the aesthetics of the vehicle design. Now, local Chinese LiDAR manufacturers are working to put the component inside the vehicle.

NIO's LiDAR supplier Innovusion has partnered with local auto glass giant Fuyao Group to create LiDARs that can be mounted behind the front windshield, according to a press release yesterday.

There are currently two main mounting options for LiDAR, mounting it on top of the car like NIO's models, or placing the part next to the headlights as does.

Mounting LiDAR behind the front windshield, which does not affect the vehicle's exterior design and makes LiDAR less susceptible to the external environment, becomes one of the best options, Innovusion said.

However, the solution faces a number of technical challenges, including detection signal attenuation, noise from the LiDAR motor, and heat dissipation problems.

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Through its innovation, Fuyao has been able to optimize the LiDAR's waveband transmittance, Innovusion said.

The initial collaboration between the two will be based on Innovusion's Robin-E, which has dimensions of 117 mm * 100 mm * 44 mm, a total weight of about 450 grams, less than 9 W of power consumption and less than 20 dB(A) of noise.

The two companies have started joint research and development and have already achieved LiDAR integration with the camera behind the front windshield, with detection performance attenuation of less than 10 percent, Innovusion said.

Founded in 2016, Innovusion has R&D centers in Silicon Valley, Suzhou and Shanghai, and LiDAR manufacturing sites in Ningbo and Suzhou.

On March 28, 2022, NIO delivered the first ET7 vehicles, marking the mass production of Innovusion's Falcon LiDAR product. ET7 and other newer NIO models are equipped with Innovusion's image-grade, ultra-long-range LiDAR Falcon.

Prior to Innovusion, Hesai (NASDAQ: HSAI) announced on April 14 a new LiDAR called the ET25, which it says is an in-cockpit LiDAR designed to be placed behind the front windshield.

The ET25 is an ultra-thin, long-range LiDAR, with the "ET" standing for Extremely Thin and the "25" referring to its height of just 25 mm.

Hesai unveils ultra-thin LiDAR ET25 that can be placed behind windshield

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