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BYD flexes innovation muscle, unveils intelligent body control system

BYD officially unveiled its intelligent body control system called DiSus, a technological breakthrough that follows its DM Super Hybrid technology, e-Platform 3.0, Blade Battery and e⁴ platform.


The video above, recorded by CnEVPost at BYD's technology launch event today, showcases the latest innovation from the Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) giant.

BYD officially unveiled its intelligent body control system, called DiSus, at its Shenzhen global headquarters on April 10, another technological breakthrough following its DM Super Hybrid technology, e-Platform 3.0, Blade Battery and e⁴ platform.

The company had previously warmed up for the technology, which is called 云辇 in Chinese, Yunnian in pinyin, literally meaning the vehicle in which the emperor rides.

Similar to how BYD shocked the audience by having the U8 SUV enter in crabwalk mode when it unveiled the e⁴ platform at the Yangwang brand's launch on January 5, it earned the same excitement by having the U9 perform a body dance at today's launch.

The BYD DiSus system is the first in-house developed intelligent body control system introduced by a Chinese auto company, marking a breakthrough from zero to one, said Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of the NEV maker.

The body control system ensures that the vehicle is agile and effectively compatible in most driving scenarios, minimizing the risk of vehicle rollover and reducing the displacement of occupants during high-speed cornering, full-throttle acceleration, or emergency braking, Wang said.

BYD DiSus system can protect the vehicle from scratches and damage under various road conditions, including snow, mud and water.

BYD's breakthrough in this technology has been made possible by the advantages in electrification and intelligence of NEVs, according to Wang.

Electrification has brought about changes in vehicle architecture, and vehicle control has shifted from mechanical control to electrical signal control, with dramatic increases in precision and efficiency, Wang explained.

At the same time, NEVs are equipped with a variety of sensing elements and a deep intelligent fusion, making the perception dimension more diversified, he said.

Unlike solutions that focus on a single technology or a single component enhancement, BYD offers a systematic solution for vertical motion control, he said.

The system provides collaborative control in body dynamics, laying the foundation for future development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), he said.

Three branches

The BYD DiSus system is divided into three branches, including the Intelligent Damping Body Control System (DiSus-C), the Intelligent Air Body Control System (DiSus-A), and the Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System (DiSus-P).

DiSus-C adjusts the damping by controlling the damper solenoid valve, and the system brings significant improvement in driving comfort compared to traditional passive suspension.

The system can receive thousands of signal inputs per second, and the DiSus intelligent computing center has processing times as fast as microseconds, allowing for rapid adjustment of damper damping, according to BYD.

DiSus-A, on the other hand, is somewhat similar to the air suspension currently used in many high-end vehicles, with a suspension adjustment of up to 150 mm.

The branch offers more than a dozen function modes, including adjusting with speed, welcome mode, convenient access mode, and height safety lock mode. Users can also personalize the settings for a richer experience.

DiSus-P is the most advanced of these three branches, and BYD said it is the world's first intelligent hydraulic body control system.

The system can control the oil intake of the damper, damping adjustment valve and stiffness adjustment valve to achieve dynamic adjustment of body control.

The DiSus-P suspension has an adjustable travel of up to 200 mm, and it can lift all four wheels simultaneously as well as independently for a single wheel.

In daily driving, DiSus-P is at the first level of stiffness to provide a comfortable ride.

When the vehicle is in a sharp acceleration and deceleration, high-speed cornering and other intense driving conditions, DiSus-P can provide an instantaneous 200 percent increase in stiffness to allow the vehicle to achieve better handling performance.

When the vehicle encounters a fall and other emergencies in high-intensity off-road, DiSus-P can trigger the third-stage stiffness in an emergency, effectively reducing the impact load by 50 percent, according to BYD.

BYD has conducted more than 30 months and over 10 million kilometers of endurance verification for the DiSus system, covering temperature environments from -40°C to 85°C, according to the company.

Mass production plans

DiSus-P will be first equipped on Yangwang U8 and DiSus-A will be equipped on Denza N7.

Some BYD Han, BYD Tang and Denza models with hardware conditions will be able to equip DiSus-C through Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrades.

In addition, several models under BYD's new brand focused on professional and personalized identities, which will be launched this summer, will also use the DiSus system, according to the company.

At the end of today's launch event, BYD offered an Easter egg, the dancing of the body of the Yangwang U9 supercar shown in the video at the beginning of this post.

The Yangwang U9 is equipped with a branch called DiSus-X that demonstrates its ability to dance, jump and drive even with only three wheels.

The DiSus system is the latest in BYD's vast technology reserve to be made public, and Wang had previously mentioned that BYD's technology reserve is like a fish pond, ready to fish one up when needed.

BYD is already the world's largest manufacturer of NEVs, having sold 1,863,494 NEVs in 2022, up 208.64 percent year-on-year.

The company aims to sell at least 3 million vehicles in 2023 and become the largest automaker in China by the end of the year.

Its latest technology, announced today, is expected to increase the appeal of models equipped with it and thus help the company achieve its goals.

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