Absolutely AMAZING arrest video captured by drone – DroneDJ

The Atlanta Police Department has released drone footage of a remarkable arrest. A Mavic 2 Enterprise played a key role in nabbing a murder suspect.

Everything about DJI’s powerful new Ronin gimbals – DroneDJ

DJI's new Ronin gimbals are now available for sale. They're stronger, smarter and more capable than the previous generation of stabilizers. Come see.

DJI’s Schulman: Make regulations based on logic, not fear – DroneDJ

Fear is outweighing logic when it comes to drone regulations. That's the opinion of DJI's Brendan Schulman, who feels there's an anti-Chinese drone bias.

DJI reacts to US DOI memo recommending US-made drones – DroneDJ

The Department of the Interior is directing government purchasers of drones to use a "Blue sUAS" list. Five are on the list; DJI is not among them.

Russian website says new Mavic Mini 2 will have 4k video – DroneDJ

A forthcoming DJI Mavic Mini 2 will ship with 4K video, says a Russian website. The original Mavic Mini has 2.7k, so this would be a HUGE deal.

Canada suspends exports of drone technology to Turkey – DroneDJ

Canada has banned exporting certain drone technologies to Turkey. It comes after allegations Turkey is using drones against Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Swedish pilot talks about gorgeous Stockholm FPV flight – DroneDJ

We love this FPV video, shot in Stockholm by pilot Matin Hamarahem. Just wait until you see what he used to capture this flight. Awesome drone work!

Dramatic DJI drone rescue in area covered by Dept. of Interior ban – DroneDJ

A thermal-equipped DJI drone helped rescue an injured hiker in Oregon September 29. Such drones are banned by the Department of the Interior due to origin.

Cerbair reveals Chimera: New counter-UAS system – DroneDJ

French company Cerbair has released a new counter-UAS system. It's called Chimera and it can detect, locate and disable a drone from BVLOS distances.

Elevating your skills, Part Two: Becoming a drone real estate pro – DroneDJ

One of the great ways to earn money with a drone is by shooting real estate. To truly excel, you’ll want your images to pop out against the competition. That’s why the online course we’re about to explore, and the second story in our two-part series on elevating your skills, is worth a serious look. […]