EGEB: Green energy switch would save Americans billions – Electrek

A new study shows that up to $321 billion could be saved in the US with a 100% switch to green energy; a new cooling paint could cut building emissions.

New Jersey calls for gas-car sales ban by 2035 – Electrek

This call by New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection would make the Garden State the second US state to enact an EV-only policy.

Climate Crisis Weekly: What ‘Green New Deal’ really means – Electrek

Many Americans say they don’t understand the "Green New Deal"; the percentage of Americans alarmed about the climate crisis has doubled in five years.

Shipping is an enormous polluter — crucial decisions are coming – Electrek

The IMO GHG Strategy, a 100-plus country climate deal made in 2018, risks being undermined in negotiations next week by a small number of countries.

EGEB: Solar, now cheaper than coal, will be ‘king’ of electricity – Electrek

Solar is now cheaper than coal and natural gas in most countries; China’s net zero by 2060 plan covers all greenhouse gases, says a senior researcher.

This fossil-fuel exec jumped to geothermal. He tells us why – Electrek

Residential geothermal company Dandelion Energy's new VP of drilling explains why he abandoned fossil fuels for a future in green energy.

These 5 green-tech startups just might make our world better – Electrek

Here are five up-and-comers in Elemental Excelerator's Cohort 9 that are Electrek's standouts in the green energy, mobility, and climate change sectors.

No. 1 fossil fuel funder JPMorgan says it will align with Paris Accord – Electrek

JPMorgan Chase & Co. said today that it will adopt a financing commitment that is aligned to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Boris Johnson pledges to power all UK homes with wind by 2030 – Electrek

The British prime minister committed £160 million to upgrade ports and factories in northern England, Scotland, and Wales in order to build wind turbines.

EGEB: Ft. Bragg gets the largest floating solar in the southeast – Electrek

The US Army’s Fort Bragg will host the largest floating solar plant in the Southeast; The UK's NHS is the world's first health system to commit to net zero.