IoT Security Best Practices for Industry and Enterprise

Technological fragmentation is not just one of the biggest barriers to IoT adoption, but it also complicates the goal of securing connected devices and related services. With IoT-related cyberattacks

7 Critical Cellular Capabilities of Your IoT Cellular Connectivity Partner

The connectivity partner you choose to enable your IoT solution can fuel the success of your product. That is, if you deploy with the right partner. But how do you know exactly what to look for when e

Whiteboarding LYNX MOSA.ic

Discussion with Lynx Software Technologies' CTO on the architecture and key benefits of the LYNX MOSA.ic modular development framework.Brought to you by:

Lynx In Action Industrial IoT Demo Video

Demonstrating an industrial application for the LYNX MOSA.ic™ modular development framework. Demo shows safety-critical real-time applications controlling a robot arm operating / co-existing with pa

Data Privacy Regulation: Moving Beyond Compliance

Laws such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act had begun changing the privacy landscape, and then COVID-19 struck, leading to further reevaluation.

Why IoT Projects Fail & How to Beat the Odds

Learn the key findings from Beecham Research, a leading technology research and analysis firm that specializes in IoT, on why Internet of Things projects fail. Beecham did an extensive study of the su

Seven Examples of AI at the Edge Using IoT

Artificial intelligence at the edge has become central to our data-driven, fast-moving world.While for years data-intensive processes have used the cloud for compute and processing, IT pros increa

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Connectivity and digitalization are top priorities for the automotive industry to deliver better user experience, generate additional revenue streams and improve vehicle performance. Using IoT technol

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Many manufacturing organizations are beginning the process of modernizing their factory operations to achieve greater efficiency and flexibility. This modernization process requires a substantial upgr

Accelerating Value Realization in the Smart Factory

Businesses are under increasing pressure to optimize profits and efficiencies while simultaneously reducing costs – a daunting challenge. They also face significant demand to accelerate value realiz