Top IoT Trends to Watch in 2020

Why IoT Projects Fail & How to Beat the Odds 25th August 2020 Why do Internet of Things projects fail? Discover Software AG’s 10-step plan to help you deliver successful IoT projects, Why IoT Projects Fail & How to Beat the Odds

Whiteboarding LYNX MOSA.ic 28th August 2020 Discussion with Lynx Software Technologies’ CTO on the architecture and key benefits of the LYNX MOSA.ic modular development framework. Brought to you by:

Lynx In Action: Industrial IoT Demo Video 27th August 2020 Demonstrating an industrial application for the LYNX MOSA.ic™ modular development framework. Demo shows safety-critical real-time applications controlling a robot arm operating / co-existing with partitioned Linux runtime environments which control a security system on a laptop. Bare-metal applications are running on a single CPU core, completely isolated from each other (and other systems) running on […], Lynx In Action: Industrial IoT Demo Video

Modernizing the Manufacturing Industry with MQTT 6th August 2020 Many manufacturing organizations are beginning the process of modernizing their factory operations to achieve greater efficiency and flexibility. This modernization process requires a substantial upgrade of the existing software infrastructure. A cornerstone of factory modernization is the ability to break down the data silos that prevent a business from obtaining an accurate picture of their […]