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Panasonic To Invest $100 Million For Tesla Batteries In U.S.

The investment will add a new battery line and ramp up production capacity by 10% at Tesla Gigafactory 1.

Prior Design Bumps Porsche Taycan Aggression Up To Eleven With Widebody Kit

This complete kit fully transforms the Taycan’s look into something akin to a big touring car.

Americans Experience Cheap Kandi EVs From China For First Time

Chinese automaker Kandi has entered the U.S. market where it promises to sell the most affordable EVs.

Genesis eG80 Is Korea’s Answer To Big, Luxurious, All-Electric Sedans

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Watch Tesla Model 3 Smash Into Gated Parking Lot: Unintended Acceleration?

That’s what the driver apparently said, but we need our Chinese readers to help with this.

Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Progress August 13, 2020: Video

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Model Y versus a mighty BMW M.

Madrid Orders More BYD Electric Buses

After successful operation of the first 15 units, the city wants more BYDs.

Lucid Air To Be Fastest Charging EV; Will Add 300 Miles Of Range In 20 Minutes

Forward-looking Lucid also baked V2G capability into their home charging equipment